Why You Need A Grassroots Local Marketing Agency

As I stated earlier, my first two clients in the early days were a painter and a plumber. Neither they nor I realized this was the beginning of my Grassroots Local Agency model.

The fact was that these small business owners used the tried and true (but expensive) marketing system for their local businesses. It went like this:

1) Set an appointment with the “Yellow Page / Digital Marketing rep”.

2) Listen to their latest studies showing why you have to have the largest ad and market yourself right next to your competition.

3) Pull out your checkbook.

But in 2007, that’s NOT what these guys needed. They needed me. They needed someone that was training with Google Maps, and Google Ads, and Google Search to explain to them that the Yellow Pages were going the way of the brontosaurus.

So they cancelled their $1200 per month ads with the Yellow Page/Online company and they became my retainer clients. Their businesses and more importantly, their lives changed overnight. We immediately developed a strategic local marketing plan based on the unique selling points of each business. Next we chose the correct tools to carry out our local strategy. Then, I created a great personalized website, based on SEO optimization as the foundation of their local presence.

Finally I set in place a true marketing campaign and carried out that campaign, day after day, week after week, month after month.

That original formula is my secret sauce today. It is the reason I became known as one of the top local store marketing consultants in the United States a few years ago.

From 2011 to 2019 I established a reputation as a successful local store marketing consultant. I was retained by franchise corporate brands such as Planet Fitness, Marcos Pizza, Buffalo Wings and Rings, Skyline Chili and others to visit individual franchised locations and build my local marketing model in their towns.

Despite my success, I ended the project due to the tremendous travel requirements. I decided to work exclusively from my hometown and choose a specific target of small business owners I can help the most.

If you are reading these words now, you fit that target model. You are most likely involved with a large digital agency that offers local digital marketing. You are precisely the person I can help the most.

As of today, we have a few slots open in our local agency and I am being selective with who I choose to work with. This is not meant to be arrogant, I purposely am scaling up slowly to ensure every client receives incredible service and results. And, if we work together, you will be hearing from me on a regular basis, so I want to make sure we are a fit.

So the next step is scheduling a DISCOVERY MEETING.

See you on the other side!

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