Have Your Own Local Marketing Agency


Have Your Own Local Marketing Agency

“The only local grassroots marketing agency”


Let me cite one statistic to help back that up- our retention rate is currently 100%. That’s right, since our opening in Feb. 2020, we have not lost a single client for any reason. Our proven system (11 years in the making), was built to give YOUR BUSINESS the skills and resources YOUR BUSINESS needs to grow, survive and thrive. I created this local marketing model in 2007 as a way for small business owners in my hometown to enjoy the benefits of having their own small marketing agency.

I started with two clients, a plumber and a painter. Both of these owners were great guys who knew a lot about their trade, but knew little about the rapidly evolving world of marketing. Both of them were paying ENORMOUS monthly fees to the “Yellow Page company / Digital Marketing company” who was charging them for a complete small business “marketing package.”WHAT THIS PAINTER AND PLUMBER REALLY NEEDED…


Our Local Agency Concept

Imagine having your own super talented, uniquely experienced, local marketing agency at your beck and call whenever needed. A super affordable monthly retainer enables you to get your website built correctly to attract and capture clients. Suddenly you understand what smart, local marketing strategy can accomplish- because you have a partner down in the trenches with you!

This local digital marketing agency model seems very obvious now, but it was 10 years in the making. I literally have perfected this local model from being in the trenches with hundreds of small business owners.

Having your own personal digital marketing expert and working from your own intelligent plan of action will enable you to build a business that works to give you your dreams in life. Refreshing perspective, don’t you agree?

My proprietary system is grounded in three key fundamentals. 1) Personalized Service, 2) A Brilliant Local Marketing Strategy and 3) Intelligent Digital Marketing.

Personalized Service

Imagine having your own personal marketing agency, in the trenches with you, at your beck and call.

personal service

A Brilliant Local Marketing Plan

Without a brilliant local marketing strategy, you have little chance to compete. We have that plan for you.

Intelligent Digital Marketing

An intelligent, local digital marketing strategy can only come from your marketing strategy.

intelligent digital marketing

enjoy the comic relief…Google Adwords Campaign Gone Wrong

Our Newest Clients

Paul Lindemann, Gilbert Self, Carolyn Larson, Andy Liberatos and Joe Cremeans.

What do these people have in common?

Other than being incredibly nice people, they also were former digital marketing clients of a large digital company.

Today, I am proud to say, they are Mader Marketing Agency Clients having made the switch to our Grassroots Agency Model.

They just signed on in the past few months of this year, 2020. Already- they have quickly realized what it means to have a website designed with purpose and follow a personalized marketing strategy. But they ain’t seen nothing yet, the marketing has just begun for each of them.

Here are these references, their websites are previewed to the right:

Paul Lindemann, Cincinnati Closets, Cincinnati, OH. (513) 631-7939

Gilbert Self, A Cut Above Tree Service, Volcano, CA. (209) 304-7507

Carolyn Larson, Larson Family Dental, Mt. Carmel, OH. (513) 474-3205

Andy Liberatos, Maxwell Solutions HR, Pittsford, NY. (585) 662-5475

Joe Cremeans, Smooth Moves Piano Moving, Cin., OH. (513) 522-4818

Feel free to call them, ask them about their experience. Like I said, we didn’t officially launch this program until March, 2020. But even with the limited time we have spent with these people- I hope you will get an idea of the difference we can make.

cincinnati closets website
a cut above website
maxwellsolutionshr MAder AMrketing Website

You need phone calls, appointments and new clients.

That’s more important than “clicks” and “likes”… agreed?

Are you frustrated with the useless reports you get from your “digital rep” showing you the improvement your site is making on Google. Or how about all the new “likes” you’re getting. Next time you go to your bank, let the teller know you have a ton of new “likes” to deposit.

Websites Designed For Contact

We design strategic websites for our clients that focus on ONE thing. To get the prospect to reach out to the business as quickly and easily as possible. Each page is designed with relevant SEO keywords and phrases.

Your keywords and phrases will be relevant to YOU and what makes YOUR local business unique and desirable compared to your competitors.

Yes, we actually take the time to figure that out. We will bring that out of you.

That’s the power of partnering with a LOCAL DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY– the only one of its kind.

SEO Talent That Produces

Our SEO experience is predicated on you getting more customers, who pay more money and do so more often.

You Can Call Us Anytime

Our unique “LOCAL DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY” business model encourages communication. There is only one thing that is certain in your business- you will always be growing and changing. And you will need our expertise and support quickly. All of our agency package options enable you to contact us for assistance and guidance. We are your marketing partner.

Grassroots Marketing Member Activation


Make your payment directly into our bank account. Please use your Order ID as the payment reference. The payment will be marked as paid once the amount is deposited